Frequently Asked Questions


Why are Salt Titan halo generators priced so low?

We believe that by lowering the cost of Salt Titan halo generators we will generate more sales while allowing more people to benefit from the use of halo therapy.  It's a win-win situation. Salt Titan halo generators are intentionally priced at thousands of dollars less than other commercial grade halo generators.

Can Salt Titan halo generators be used for business?

Yes.  Salt Titan halo generators are commercial grade.  They feature whisper quiet grinders, precise microprocessors, and an industry best warrantee.  They can be used to generate new revenue in existing businesses such as nail salons, massage clinics, beauty salons, chiropractor offices, fitness centers, wellness clinics,  by pet groomers, veterinary clinicsand more.  They can also be used in homes for personal use.

Do I need to build a dedicated room for my Salt Titan?

No.  Every Salt Titan unit comes with a Salt Tent.  This allows you to immediately begin using your Salt Titan halo generator in any home or business.  If you want to have a dedicated halo therapy room that is fine as each Salt Titan halo generator is able to easily be wall mounted without any special tools.

What is the Salt Titan guarantee?

Every Salt Titan halo generator is commercial grade.  They are built to last, and we guarantee them with what we feel is the best guarantee in the industry.  The case is guaranteed against any defects for 10-years.  The electronics are guaranteed against any defects for 3-years.  The grinder is guaranteed against any defects for 2-years (and by the way if you ever need a replacement grinder after the 2-years the cost is only $200.00 and that includes free shipping)

Why is your Salt Titan medical grade salt better?

We source our Salt Titan salt from a 500-year old natural salt park in Slovenia.  Our pure medical grade salt is dried and crushed into a fine talc like powder.  When used in the Salt Titan halo generator these tiny particles allow for greater dispersion and inhalation during each session.   

Are you an American company?

Yes.  Salt Titan halo generators are exclusively available world-wide from HaloTherapy Center, LLC., a Florida based company.  We are a registered veteran owned company.